WeChat-HKUST Joint Laboratory Established

The launch of the WeChat-HKUST Joint Laboratory on Artificial Intelligence Technology (WHAT LAB) has initiated a dynamic collaborative platform for research into artificial intelligence and big data at the University.

WeChat is the hugely successful cross-platform instant messaging service developed by Mainland Internet giant Tencent, with 800 million monthly active users. The joint laboratory will enable researchers at the University to leverage the WeChat social network to develop innovative artificial intelligence applications. Research will include intelligent robotic systems, natural language processing, data mining, speech recognition and understanding.

The move marks a milestone in collaboration between WeChat and higher education, and will seek to boost understanding and advance smart and intelligent living through cutting-edge applications. WHAT LAB is led by New Bright Professor of Engineering Prof Qiang Yang, Chair Professor and Head of Computer Science and Engineering. “WeChat is one of the most important mobile platform companies in the world,” Prof Yang said. “The Joint Lab will not only strengthen WeChat’s ability to provide services intelligently, but also enable HKUST to become a top player in artificial intelligence research and practice worldwide.”