Four recent international graduates, all now working for investment banks in Hong Kong, reflect on how their School of Engineering education equipped them for future success

Vibhor Khurana

BEng, Computer Science (2016)
Technology Analyst, Goldman Sachs

An interest in solving logical and analytical problems was my main reason for pursuing Computer Science and Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. As HKUST is one of the finest universities, with top professors from around the world and highly advanced research developments, the University provided a great academic platform. The culturally diverse environment and variety of learning opportunities, such as the International Exchange Program and Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, also helped my overall character development.

During my four-year bachelor degree, I tried to make the most of every possible opportunity, including but not limited to going on an exchange semester to the University of Toronto, co-founding the HKUST South Asian Students’ Society, becoming a peer mentor for the School of Engineering and International Students Association, joining the Robotics Smart Car team and HKUST programming team, playing in the Computer Science and Engineering Department badminton team, and active participation in various community service projects co-organized by HKUST Connect and external organizations.

Along with leadership and communication skills gained through these activities and strong technical skills achieved through advanced computer science courses, HKUST helped me secure an internship at Goldman Sachs, one of the world’s leading investment banks. Working as a Summer Technology Analyst gave me deep insight into the practical, day-to-day work at the company and utilized technical skills gained at the University. I also received a job offer at the end of my internship and have now started work there!

What’s More…

Dhruv, Sunena and Vibhor served as Engineering Student Ambassadors in 2014-15.

All four students worked as a team for their final year project, an innovative undertaking far removed from the investment banking careers they ended up securing. The team walked and taped hiking trails in Hong Kong using a 360-degree camera in order to create an interactive website for walkers (used for assessment only and not publicly available). The project is one illustration of the creative mindset encouraged and developed at the School of Engineering and how being able to think out-of-the-box is appreciated by leading employers.