Four recent international graduates, all now working for investment banks in Hong Kong, reflect on how their School of Engineering education equipped them for future success

Sunena Kharbanda

BEng, Computer Science (2016)
Technology Analyst, Goldman Sachs

I felt honored to be admitted to HKUST where I have pursued Computer Science and Engineering, together with Business and Social Science minors. The School of Engineering has helped me gain maturity, knowledge, and broadened my horizons through delivering a range of experiences that can be used to tackle the challenges in life. The multicultural environment that complemented the undergraduate education assisted my overall character development and provided a competitive advantage with regard to career opportunities. The University has also been supportive in financial assistance.

Apart from the wonderful academic programs, I have had numerous out-of-class learning opportunities that I will cherish throughout my life. I joined a student exchange to the University of British Columbia in Canada, which allowed me to find out about an entirely different culture and meet people from many countries. I believe this exchange semester provided a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, one that is not to be missed. I found it life-changing, enhancing my inner self and character.

I also completed two internships during my four years at the School of Engineering, working as a Summer Technology Analyst at British Telecommunications (BT) and Goldman Sachs. These were really challenging experiences but taught me about practical work issues, communication skills and leadership and helped complete my university education by providing insight into future careers.

I am really proud to have joined HKUST, fulfilling my dream of studying at a world-class university for my undergraduate degree. The journey has been inspiring, challenging, exciting and rewarding and has prepared me to be courageous in facing the ups and downs in life.

What’s More…

Dhruv, Sunena and Vibhor served as Engineering Student Ambassadors in 2014-15.

All four students worked as a team for their final year project, an innovative undertaking far removed from the investment banking careers they ended up securing. The team walked and taped hiking trails in Hong Kong using a 360-degree camera in order to create an interactive website for walkers (used for assessment only and not publicly available). The project is one illustration of the creative mindset encouraged and developed at the School of Engineering and how being able to think out-of-the-box is appreciated by leading employers.