Robotics Team Rolls On

Members of the HKUST Robotics Team have continued to garner awards in local and international competitions over the year.

The Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) team, comprising students from various engineering fields and different countries, made a splash in underwater robotics competitions by winning the Explorer Class championship in the 11th Hong Kong/Asia Regional IET/MATE Underwater Robot Challenge. Overseas, the team secured the third runner-up overall in the MATE International ROV Competition as well as the Guts and Glory Award for overcoming hardships with determination and resolve. Team CEO Albert Tanoto, a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering undergraduate, also received a Product Presentation Most Valuable Person Award. This year’s contest theme was outer space exploration and deep-water investigation.

The University’s Robocon Fiery Dragon and War Dragon teams won the first and the second runner-up prizes respectively in the Robocon 2016 Hong Kong Contest. The ABU Robocon is held across Asia-Pacific to encourage university students to design robots to perform given tasks in a competitive setting. The theme for Robocon 2016 was “Clean Energy Recharging the World”.

In addition, the Smart Car team received three second class awards and a certificate of merit at the 11th NXP Cup Intelligent Car Racing Competition (South China Region). The students gained the accolades in the Balance, Beacon, Camera and Chasing groups respectively. Over 300 teams competed in the event, which was held at Central South University in Changsha.