Avalanche of Funding Support for Landslide Mitigation Research

A major School of Engineering landslide mitigation project that won support from the Hong Kong Research Grants Council’s Theme-based Research Scheme in 2015-16 has had another boost, receiving additional funding from the Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment under the Chinese Academy of Sciences and two private donors.

The Institute has provided matching funds of RMB13 million and Mr Ringo Yu, Managing Director of Fraser Construction Company and former Geotechnical Division Chairman of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, has given matching funds of HK$1 million. Ir Ting Kam Cheung, Projects Director of Geotech Engineering Limited, has pledged HK$1.9 million over five years.

The cutting-edge research to mitigate risks and damage of landslides in Hong Kong is led by principal investigator Prof Charles W W Ng, Associate Vice-President (Research and Graduate Studies) and Chair Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The multidisciplinary team of researchers from a number of universities and institutions will develop a world-leading in-situ testing facility to investigate the interaction mechanisms between debris and multiple barriers, to simulate debris flows using HKUST’s state-of-the-art geotechnical centrifuge, and novel multi-scale multi-physics numerical and reliability-based debris flow vulnerability models to develop a multi-hazard framework for establishing reliability-based world-class design guidelines for multiple flexible barrier systems.

It is expected the research will enhance cost-effectiveness and make slope maintenance and remediation more eco-friendly, impacting both local and international practice. The new funding will be used to build a 120-meter debris multiple-barrier interaction testing facility for the project.