Disney Grant Inspires Student Creativity on Behalf of the Community

School of Engineering students unveiled their first inventions created under the Disney-HKUST Grant for Technology and Well-being in May 2016. The community-oriented program was launched in October 2015 to encourage students to develop innovations that could improve the lives of those with physical disabilities, support local productivity or promote health and wellness in affordable ways. The three projects highlighted included a real-time sign language translation device, a gaze and mind-controlled robot car, and an unmanned “crop doctor” airship, all inspired by aspects of the Star Wars film series.

A spokesperson from The Walt Disney Company Hong Kong said that the company was “incredibly impressed by the level of creativity and hard work that the young engineer teams have put into their projects”. Prof Tim Kwang Ting Cheng, Dean of Engineering, said he was highly appreciative of the Disney grant, which helped to diversify students’ learning and enabled them to contribute to society. The total grant was US$75,000 (HK$580,000).