Four recent international graduates, all now working for investment banks in Hong Kong, reflect on how their School of Engineering education equipped them for future success

Dhruv Batra

BEng, Computer Science (2016)
Application Developer, Morgan Stanley

I wanted to join a university where I could learn from the best researchers in their respective fields and also study alongside the brightest students in Asia. HKUST’s reputation, high research output, and the flexibility offered by the School of Engineering’s programs convinced me to pursue my bachelor degree at HKUST.

Since childhood, I have been passionate about fixing broken things. However, it wasn’t until my final years in high school, when I studied computer science, that I was convinced about pursuing engineering at university. I was amazed by the ways in which computer science had already changed our lives and fascinated by its future potential. After creating my first major piece of software (a Sudoku game), I was confident that I wanted to study engineering.

One of my most learning-intensive experiences at HKUST was my year-long membership of the Robotics Team. During this time, I had the privilege of representing HKUST at ABU Robocon, Asia’s biggest robotics competition. Robotics helped me diversify my knowledge base and learn about other branches of engineering, such as mechanical engineering and electronic and computer engineering. I learned how the various fields of engineering come together to create an integrated functioning robot – just as you would in a real industrial engineering project. I also discovered what it was like to work in a team with members from different academic and cultural backgrounds.

I advise prospective and current students to explore as much as you can before you pick a major. Such exploration will help in finding out what interests you. The best way to do this is through internships, workshops, work experience, and networking. Try to ask as many questions as you can and in the process understand where you would like to see yourself five to 10 years down the line.

What’s More…

Dhruv, Sunena and Vibhor served as Engineering Student Ambassadors in 2014-15.

All four students worked as a team for their final year project, an innovative undertaking far removed from the investment banking careers they ended up securing. The team walked and taped hiking trails in Hong Kong using a 360-degree camera in order to create an interactive website for walkers (used for assessment only and not publicly available). The project is one illustration of the creative mindset encouraged and developed at the School of Engineering and how being able to think out-of-the-box is appreciated by leading employers.