Cool Shoes Provide Breath of Fresh Air

Now there is a new way to keep your feet cool and dry all day, every day, thanks to the creativity and initiative of Prof Neville Lee, Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management, and alumni Albert Chan, Jacky Chow, and Kevin Lam, all 2006 MPhil in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management. The quartet has come up with a new air-cooling patented technology that they have gone on to turn into “super air-cooled shoes” (

The technology enables 100 cans of air to circulate in just 10 to 15 minutes of walking, with a bending-actuated pumping system at the bottom of the shoes, providing up to 50 times more air flow by pumping out heat and water vapor. The invention can help alleviate many humidity or heat-related foot ailments, such as sweaty feet and athlete’s foot.

The product was first displayed at the InnoCarnival 2015, and has been featured in the media and on social media.