Four recent international graduates, all now working for investment banks in Hong Kong, reflect on how their School of Engineering education equipped them for future success

Adarsh Saraff

BEng, Computer Science (2016)
Technology Analyst, Deutsche Bank

The word “engineering” has always fascinated me and I have had a keen interest in what makes devices work – from simple telephones to sophisticated aircraft – since an early age. I often used to spend time researching robotics and other technologies and wondering about the how and why of things. It thus seemed natural and necessary to pursue my interest by studying Computer Science and Engineering.

Why HKUST? The University is highly ranked globally and has the infrastructure to deliver a world-class education, providing experiential learning and a holistic education as well as numerous student societies and clubs. As HKUST is located in Hong Kong and the city is a global financial center, there are tremendous career opportunities here. It was also a top choice for me due to its relative proximity to India.

I feel that pursuing my undergraduate education at the School of Engineering has been one of the best decisions of my life as it fostered my all-round development in so many different ways. The final year project played an integral role in this. You start from scratch, knowing barely anything. Yet by the end of the year, the project is ready and you have gained a great deal of skills – both technical and social – by working as part of a team (See also “What’s More…”). My semester abroad at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US was another very good experience, enabling me to explore a different culture and make new friends.

When it was time for job-hunting, the University’s Career Center proved a great resource, organizing many workshops and company visits. I am happy to have found a job at Deutsche Bank where I can leverage what I learned at HKUST. I aim to work in my current role to the best of my potential and have no plans to move out of Hong Kong at the moment.

What’s More…

All four students worked as a team for their final year project, an innovative undertaking far removed from the investment banking careers they ended up securing. The team walked and taped hiking trails in Hong Kong using a 360-degree camera in order to create an interactive website for walkers (used for assessment only and not publicly available). The project is one illustration of the creative mindset encouraged and developed at the School of Engineering and how being able to think out-of-the-box is appreciated by leading employers.