PhD Award-Winners Lead Way to the Future

The School of Engineering PhD Research Excellence Awards ceremony took place in March with two innovative recent graduates receiving honors for their significant contributions to their field during PhD studies at HKUST.

Dr Langston Wai Leung Suen, 2016 Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, was selected for the award for his research into ultrasound technology focused on ocular drug delivery. Such technology will enable drugs to be delivered without pain to the eye, providing an exciting new method that avoids the invasive injection treatment currently used to treat retinal diseases. Dr Suen has published four papers in top journals and been granted one US patent. He also founded Sonikure Technology Ltd in 2014 to commercialize his work, becoming a Kairos Society Top 50 Global Startup in 2015 and had his work accepted as a “moonshot” (a radical solution to a global problem affecting millions of lives involving breakthrough technology) in Google’s Solve for X project.

Dr Edwin Chi Yan Tso, 2015 Mechanical Engineering, focused on nanofluids, heat transfer and adsorption cooling systems, undertaking research and technology development that can assist in energy-efficient strategies for smart green buildings. During his PhD research, he developed a mathematical model for estimating the cooling performance of adsorption cooling systems and built a prototype model utilizing a novel composite adsorbent and high-performance adsorbate (nanofluids). He has published eight articles in leading journals, has been cited over 80 times in the past five years, and had five patents accepted, in the US (one), Mainland China (three) and Hong Kong (one). Edwin became a Research Assistant Professor at HKUST in September 2016.