ASME Medal Winner Fuels Environmentally Friendly Marine Industry

Recent graduate Karen Ka Long Leong, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, received the prestigious ASME Arthur L Williston Medal at a ceremony at the ASME Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition in Arizona, US, in November. She was honored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for her paper on “Fuel Choice Regulation – The Way to Narrow the Gap Between Current IMO Marine Standard and 2025 Greenhouse Gas Emission Target”. Karen submitted her paper and heard the news of her success earlier this year while still a final-year undergraduate at HKUST.

The Arthur L Williston Medal is presented annually to the student or recent graduate who writes the best paper in the area of civic service. This year’s theme was “Achieving 2025 Greenhouse Gas Emissions While Creating Economic Growth and Quality of Life Benefits”.

Karen’s paper examined carbon dioxide reduction in the marine industry. She looked at biodiesel, natural gas and nuclear power as potential alternatives for ships, assessing their feasibility using a range of parameters, including technology maturity, lifecycle cost and environmental performance.

Reflecting later on her choice to study engineering, Karen said she felt such a program would enable her to apply scientific knowledge to daily life. She had wanted to join HKUST School of Engineering given its reputation and the opportunities offered. She is now working as a Graduate Trainee at ATAL Engineering Ltd.